Kincaid's classical music training was on the French Horn.  However, he more recently played lead guitar professionally in a band called the Yard Dogs.  His main performance interest is blues (of all styles), both acoustic and electric. He has played around the Bay Area at many venues, but a highlight was performing with the Bad Dog Blues Band at JJ's in San Jose.  JJ's is a blues institution in the south bay area and has hosted performances by a variety of major blues players such as Buddy Guy and Gatemouth Brown.

BDBB at JJ's
Bad Dog Blues Band at JJ's in San Jose, September 25, 2005 (Kincaid on the right)

Kincaid also records and writes songs. Here is an example where he wrote the song and performed all instruments and vocals; recording and editing was done with Ableton Live: I've Gotta Mule (~3.5Mb)