Robert Kincaid is a Senior Research Scientist at Keysight Laboratories, the central research laboratory of Keysight Technologies.  Robert's main research interests are centered around visualization and user interface research to support interactive and visually-oriented data mining across combinations of widely disparate data. For in further details consult his CV/Resume.

From a computer science perspective these research interests group into roughly three categories:

1. Information Visualization and Visual Analytics - These are efforts to effectively visualize large multivariate datasets in ways that reveal insights in the data. Of course most of this data comes from Agilent life science instruments. Some examples include:

Big Data: This new direction for Kincaid's research is scaleable analytics (including visualization). Areas of current investigation include scalable computational techniques as well as large scale text mining to extract knowledge from large collections of scientific papers (such as the co-author network shown on the left). Much of this work is based on MapReduce technologies, particularly via Apache Spark. Stay tuned...

Agilent MassHunter IMS Software: This project leveraged visualization techniques created in previous research projects to provide critical  user interface design as well as novel visualization components for a new Agilent Mass Spectrometry platform that included Ion Mobility separation. This product was announced at the

Signal Lens: A Focus+Context approach for analyzing large time series of electronic signals. SignalLens enables a very compact visualization which supports ad hoc visual data mining of long electronic time series. A brief video demo was presented by Agilent CTO Darlene Solomon at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in2009. This work presented at the 2010 IEEE Information Visualization Conference and received an honorable mention for best paper.

RFLP Decoder: This software was developed to support authenticating fish species; a problem important to the food industry and critical to complying with new regulations to protect endangered fish species from being overfished. This is now part of an Agilent product (Agilent DNA Fish ID Solution) and was published in the Journal of Visual Experiments. So you can see a complete demo of the lab protocol as well as the software.

MassVis: This project supported a novel proteomics workflow developed by Kurt Dejgaard at McGill University. A cleverly designed scatter plot interface provides a highly interactive information browser for discovery of putative protein complexes. Pattern similarity matching is used to match ‘‘profiles’’ of similar proteins as a predictor of membership in a protein complex. Both supervised, interactive methods are provided as well as completely unsupervised complex prediction. This work was presented at the 2009 IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology. The MassVis concept has been awarded US Patent 7,930,108.

Line Graph Explorer

Line Graph Explorer: A scalable Focus+Context visualization designed specifically for large collections of line graphs. This work was done with the help of Heidi Lam at the University of British Columbia. Presented at AVI 2006, Venice Italy. You can also view a video demo (~100Mb!)

LGE was also featured on Information Aesthetics.

LGE is covered by two US Patents ( 7,825,929 and 7,750,908).


VistaChrom: A visual environment for analyzing array-based comparative genomic hybridization data (aCGH). This was transferred as part of a new commercial aCGH platform and is now part of Agilent Genomic Workbench. See the recent publication in “Information Visualization” for details. Published in Information Visualization. [preprint]


VistaClara: An exploratory heat map style visualization of gene expression data that combines additional meta-data to assist in finding meaningful patterns and biological insight. Published in SAC 2004 Proceedings.

2. Human Computer Interaction - This is a new effort to explore how emerging user interface methods might influence the 21st century laboratory. Expect to see more of this in the future:

HCI of BioDesign for Synthetic Biology: This area is from a multi-year collaboration with Orit Shaer and her students at Wellesley College. This work includes several different approaches to using touch-enabled user interfaces as well as tangible objects to assist in designing assemblies of synthetic biology parts. Much of this work was in conjunction with the iGEM competition.

Tactile Guides for Touch Screens: This paper describes work-inprogress to investigate the use of simple transparent overlays that provide tactile guides for touch-based graphical control widgets. By augmenting the touch surface with a simple low-cost overlay, we aim to restore many of the tactile properties and benefits of standard physical controls. We have fabricated an initial proof-of-concept overlay and demonstration system and have performed a preliminary evaluation that suggests overlay guides may be beneficial. Published at HCI'12.

3. Computational Data Analysis - This is primarily concerned with low-level analysis of data from microarrays, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, or more recently electropherograms from the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. Here is an example from Mass Spectrometry:

hdl subfractions
Deconvolution of HDL Subfractions: Agilent has developed an assay for measuring HDL subfractions from human serum using the Agilent Bioanalyzer microfluidic platform. This required a novel and fully automatic algorithm to fit Gaussian peak shapes to the expected fractions. This enabled deconvoluting the overlapping peaks and permitted measurements of the HDL components. This algorithm was used to measure data from real clinical samples as published in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (see Muller et al. 2007 below).
mass profiler

Mass Hunter/ Mass Profiler: A visual environment for analyzing proteomic and metabolomic biomarkers using Mass Spectrometry. This software was announced and demonstrated at ASMS 2005 and released in late 2005. I contributed the plotting graphics and user interface improvements.


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